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What is Remote Connection Solution (RCS)?

Remote Connection Solution (RCS) is a service that creates the platform for a branch to have access to their company’s network, software applications, and other relevant documents via the Internet with the use of a software.

RCS is an alternative solution as well as a backup to institutions with branches across the country who rely on VPN to access their software applications, documents (Files and folders) and other devices from one specific location (usually the head office).

RCS provides users the ability to work from their office or access their company’s network not only from their branch but from any part of the world via the internet – of course only with a configured computer that has the required software installed.


Why Choose RCS?

Main objective of RCS is to offer alternatives to managers who want to cut cost while improving security and ensuring reliability.

RCS can also be used as a backup for VPN when the service goes down, meaning if your VPN is not working you don’t have to wait till it is restored by your service providers before you can serve your customers.

To decide on whether to use RCS please find time to consider the following;


  1. a. How much has been paid for your existing branches’ VPN or is going to be paid

(expansion projects) for the initial installation and setup for VPN at these branches.



What is the monthly service charge per branch?


  1. c. What is the reliability of the VPN service?


  1. What is the backup for this VPN service when it goes down?


  1. e. What is the speed of the VPN service for your branches?


It is against this background that we introduce the Remote Connection Solutions (R.C.S).